Gals With A Perfect Body – Show Stopping Texas Beauties

DALLAS:  Memories of past favorites don’t always come along with a perfect body, but sometimes a beloved classic gets another chance with a modern-day facelift. In 2012, the iconic American television series “Dallas” got a second chance to win the hearts of a new generation. While the storylines for both series have followed the Ewing family through many changes from 1978 through today, one thing has remained the same – the timeless beauty and classic American good looks found throughout the cast. Continue reading

Timeless Beauty

Let’s face it – the prospect of aging can be a little frightening, even to those with great self-confidence and a perfect body. Many look to timeless beauties in Hollywood for inspiration on how to age gracefully with small procedures in order to maintain a healthy and natural appearance. Continue reading

Board Certified Surgeons Offer Quality and Peace of Mind

When preparing for a cosmetic surgery procedure for a perfect body, the most important step is choosing the right surgeon for you. For many of you, this may also feel like the most overwhelming step in the process. How can you be sure you’ve chosen the best surgeon with proven experience and capabilities?  Below we will outline what these board certifications mean to you as the patient, and why choosing the right board certified surgeon is important to you and your procedure. Continue reading

Your Perfect Bikini Body

With temperatures rising and Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalogues arriving in the mail, most of us have bikini-ready bodies top of mind. Much to our chagrin, what’s hiding underneath the winter sweaters after a season of eating delicious, oversized meals might not be your idea of a bombshell bod. At A Perfect Body, we believe that every woman should feel empowered to be her healthiest and most beautiful self, and yes, even feel confident in a bikini! Continue reading

New Year, New You

Are you one of the many Americans who make New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone! The busy holiday season seems to be defined by delicious treats everywhere you turn and a constant hustle and bustle that leave many making unhealthy eating choices and abandoning previous efforts to get in shape or focus on self-improvement. By the time the New Year comes around and you reflect on the months gone by, the opportunity for a New Year and a New You can be completely reinvigorating! Continue reading