Gals With A Perfect Body – Show Stopping Texas Beauties

Gals With A Perfect Body – Show Stopping Texas Beauties

DALLAS:  Memories of past favorites don’t always come along with a perfect body, but sometimes a beloved classic gets another chance with a modern-day facelift. In 2012, the iconic American television series “Dallas” got a second chance to win the hearts of a new generation. While the storylines for both series have followed the Ewing family through many changes from 1978 through today, one thing has remained the same – the timeless beauty and classic American good looks found throughout the cast.

What do you consider to be the ideal Texas look? Is it a perfect body, a pretty smile or maybe beautiful eyes? For many, this brings to mind the image of the classic “girl next door” look. The beauty of both Elena, played by Jordana Brewster, and Rebecca, played by Julie Gonzalo, has caught the attention of not only the “Dallas” men, but also America.

If you’d like to mirror the natural, classic beauty of the “Dallas” women, reclaim a younger looking you with a Facelift or Eyelift. These procedures result in a tighter and smoother appearance of the skin and take years off your appearance. To turn heads and look your best, whether it is on the beach or in a boardroom, top it off with a perfect body by considering Liposuction for the slimmer, svelte figure you’ve dreamed of having. This procedure removes excess fat and reduces cellulite in just a few short hours with one of our board certified plastic surgeons.

While we may not all have family disputes over oil riches and birthrights, you do have the ability to create Texas-sized drama in the looks department. A Perfect Body’s complimentary concierge can help you find the best solution to discovering the most gorgeous new you.

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