Timeless Beauty

Let’s face it – the prospect of aging can be a little frightening, even to those with great self-confidence and a perfect body. Many look to timeless beauties in Hollywood for inspiration on how to age gracefully with small procedures in order to maintain a healthy and natural appearance.

When looking for inspiration on strong women whose beauty has stood the test of time, we needn’t look any further than our own city of Dallas, Texas. Among the many famous names to hail from this area, a few notable beauties have set the standard for aging beautifully and gracefully.

Morgan Fairchild’s flawless skin can be achieved with non-surgical procedures including botox and microdermabrasion. Your A Perfect Body concierge will be happy to further explain the benefits of these non-invasive procedures and how they can reveal a refreshed new face and reverse the signs of aging. Studies show that the 35-50 age group accounted for an average of 42.7 percent of all injectable and skin rejuvenation procedures performed in 2011.

Youthful lift and a full appearance of the cheeks lend to accomplishing the timeless look reminiscent of Jaclyn Smith. A facelift performed by one of our board certified surgeons would eliminate excessive wrinkles and loose, sagging skin which cause areas of the face to hollow and age your appearance. A brow lift is another option to erase years off your appearance. Muscles weaken due to age and cause loose forehead skin and sagging eyelids. Your Dallas plastic surgery complimentary concierge will be able to discuss these options with you and help you decide which option best suits your goals.

Stop wishing you could turn back the hands of time, and make your own magic instead! A Perfect Body will be the secret your friends ask you about when you erase years off your appearance. Allow us to help you achieve the most beautiful, confident version of yourself. It’s never too late!

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